Last Day

Today is our last day here in Poland. I can only speak for myself, but today is a bittersweet day. I’m very sad to be leaving Poland, but will be happy to those back home that I love. This experience has been truly life changing and I have learned so much during our time here. I can honestly say I have a much better understanding of the holocaust and Poland thanks to Dr. Anes and Dr. Wright. This trip has been emotionally harrowing, but so worth it. I feel as though I am now more aware of the issues surrounding not only Poland, but also the United States. We have been blessed with so many opportunities on this trip and have had so many experiences here that it’s unbelievable. Getting to meet with Pani Irena and hear her story and visiting the camps was extremely difficult and inspiring all at the same time; getting to see so many different locations in Poland, visiting the presidential palace.  It’s hard to adequately articulate my feelings about each individual experience, but I’m grateful that I have had these experiences and have had the opportunity to learn so much.


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