Only a few photographs because we are in the wilderness…

Today we travelled to crucially important sites in the history of Polish Jews, specifically the pogrom areas of the Łomża region. Here, with differing degrees of German Nazi involvement and in dozens of small villages and towns, Jews were murdered in cold blood, often by their Polish Catholic neighbors.

We started though with the intact great synagogue of Tykocin, which as you can see is under extensive renovation. The museum and synagogue were closed but we shared it with a large party of Israeli soldiers and supporting military figures.

Later we went to the Łopuchowo forest, a few kilometers away, where the Tykocin Jews were marched and trucked in August 1941. Approximately 2000 of Tykocin’s Jews were shot here by Nazi troops and there are various memorial plaques. The Israelis were here a bit before us and after us as well.

We went to the pogrom memorials at Jedwabne and Radziłów. So much can be said about these event and has been said, far too much to go into at this moment.

We have just arrived at our night’s stay on the border of the Biebrza River National Park and the WiFi is not great and we want to enjoy the scenery, so here are just a few pictures from each location.

(And then a few pics becomes 14…)

– Dr. AnesFBDDA494-5961-4C2B-85AC-87274DB30C62C2565E58-8CFB-43C8-8F8A-77969887DA876EEF5250-B573-4313-BF7E-880E4A27EFA21E158F42-E5FD-4020-8ED2-DA99C13C25F5864DF0F8-2C43-4183-B056-AE41BBEB5A66FBF94FE5-5FD8-40EB-914C-46AA3E5DC32CE986E9BD-DB7E-4CC5-8BAA-587042C84D4DF4DD923B-31F5-494E-A838-BFDBDED8935790BBE1A0-3621-43BC-9751-4304676773DC0F2B6A6B-A57D-4258-9165-7024C6E8B58D5BA43D5B-AD18-4E14-AC0A-0E8761ECBE553EDE4336-8467-4C19-9101-7EE0F534AE90A8815C20-29FF-46CC-B1BD-308353CDDC42

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