My trip to Auschwitz

At age 19, I feel like I have had many world experiences. I have traveled all over the country, including some time in Europe. I am passionate about the arts and have friends from all walks of life. Like everyone, I have hurdles and days when I thought the sun would never shine on my face again. Then I went to Auschwitz, it felt like a day of sadness that could turn into an abyss of sadness if I didn’t get my footing. How do you get footing as you stand and watch where thousands of families were separated and their spirits were broken. This very special group of individual lost their dignity, their pride, and the only thing left after this experience (if the even physically made it through) was the human spirit. So, that is how I regained my footing, nobody could take away their will and their human spirit. So to honor them, I didn’t make it about me. Instead, I made it about them and promised them before I left to never ever forget. To never underestimate the human spirit. Mostly, to remember I am not sure I will ever truly know what a bad day is.


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