Bye Kraków, hello Zakopane!

F4B723B9-044A-417B-8B59-309BDF2CC1D6AD76A62E-22AE-47B5-A0C7-C60B03A8A176D457FDE8-3C53-4B99-AE28-A8B564FD0D4C4DAF08B4-E60F-4E0D-875D-C217CA1D7B456E75760D-19ED-436D-9657-021D1208194123BE0A29-96C8-4506-88B9-28AE7C1A66F6776135EE-0B5B-4220-BD06-533409FBD53FBB8B4CBC-A21D-4E47-84E5-1E4B34CB5E59F1C1A0C9-BA87-4079-8C5B-2CEABF11EF4531086A58-9883-48DC-BAAE-59B075A56E80913597F5-E790-4A72-8EC9-03F6FF0024C1We left Kraków after an intense week, visiting important cultural and religious sites, having language classes and covering content from assigned readings about (for Dr. Wright’s class) ideology, nationalism and relevant Polish history and an overview of current Polish cultural issues and (for my class) the history of the Holocaust with a great overview by Hayes in his new book Why? which is a lay press book that I heartily recommend.

We hopped on a private bus company’s bus and booked down to rainy Zakopane (seriously, the weather forecast has showed rain all week – is this southwestern Ohio?). The crew is a bit wiped and we had a 1.1 mile walk (downhill) to get to Restauracje Pstrąg Górski, my favorite restaurant in town. They specialize in trout and in fact the students were amazed as, wet and cold, they observed  three menu pages devoted to trout!

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

– Dr. Anes

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