Schindler Factory Museum; selected photographs

Hello everyone – I’m mostly posting photographs because I got a new camera before we left and it is super fun for me to be doing photography again.

Today both Dr. Wright and I held class and then we again went to the Kazimierz section of Kraków, this time to a branch of the History of the City of Kraków museum housed adjacent to the original Oskar Schindler Factory. One of our guides (Mikolaj) claimed this is his favorite museum in Poland because of its highly interactive character and I cannot disagree.

Without further ado, here’s some pics.

– Dr. Anes17FAAB1C-B84A-47D2-A909-D968CE55A4B06694A582-FEB3-4478-9725-D4179E17103C56993930-6F27-4CEF-802A-D4DA79ED4BA01F4117B6-BE8E-48DB-AE13-31E55C5A83B73C3F0E9D-1D7F-4D49-9A99-8498F2FB3D72B20DA662-63A5-4DA0-BF5D-678AC1C0FFC39FAFE39B-2C07-429C-A58D-A7A2C9598460FA2A9093-61A5-4900-84C6-34609C198203BD80A78A-DC68-4C8A-847B-D7F1213F5A3F15937E3F-1402-419D-B962-FD866A65F50278D9E75B-4BF2-49F3-8796-61B1DF0B18A1304EC711-1674-45BC-BF8D-2A983D2794BC08E6C7E5-06D5-4D15-B747-F2FE0606ED6545FC4963-2C3E-4055-B860-BEFC2F64E6F4

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