Auschwitz-Birkenau; selected photographs.

We had a six-hour tour today of both Auschwitz I and Birkenau. Reflections will surely follow from the students when they recover a bit from the experience, but in the meantime here are several photographs that I think capture the spirit of the day.

– Dr. Anes4B5A9E4E-207F-4C8C-99E3-7A6A7EADA13E50470CE6-9731-47A5-843A-1AE4C5C8E1E033CFEC4A-1773-4BE8-86C0-2B63D89F887F59E37A6E-1C48-464F-A6B2-802B72532573A6A5044F-4B59-475D-9D26-AFC4A849E0CEFE005320-2541-4AFA-A04A-CD12E3AA0D66C5EE84B1-DFE3-4176-8FBB-E02C2CEE03564B4E0AEE-87FB-4015-B11E-12CD68799141E0667F6B-0C3C-40DE-A9D5-6B92F79B45630EAD757B-4DAB-44D0-B2EC-C25A9BAA9344E5EAC52F-9991-4AF7-9831-D185516910746101192F-73B0-4A5B-A082-6F7A52506F6332531908-4D1A-481F-8202-D942C462AE5734B0DCEB-9C32-4210-AC48-0F4A099E8CF2CE4E3D8D-A4D1-4951-AEBC-D7FFED02FE73

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