Our first lesson (lekcja pierwsza) in Polish

The School of Polish Language and Culture at Jagiellonian University is full of great Polish language teachers; they are always lively and they use many funny and insightful on-the-fly examples drawing from their knowledge of both English and Polish. While we only have about 5 hours of instruction, our hope is that these classes generate some pronunciation and vocabulary ability and a desire to learn more.

Our teacher for this trip is Jagoda, and she is every bit as warm and wonderful (wspaniale) as Piotr Horbatowski, our teacher the last time.
– Dr. Anes22E8B5E7-905A-4834-BA08-197CBC50DDDDE9CE2545-A49B-41D8-87DB-EBAE709D93DE6E777B4D-FA37-428D-B68F-08493D7C0B1C76196FDF-7BDB-47BC-974B-7FA54E191EAE

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